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Georgian Association of Workers of Professional Education “PIRAMIDA” (further the Association) was founded in 2002 and registered as public, nongovernmental organization. In 2012 it was transformed in the Georgian Vocational Education Fundation.

Among the Association partners  have been GTZ, IIZ/DVV, CIM, and National Observatory of European Training Fund (ETF).

In 2003 with the assistance of the Association partners, on the base of Construction lyceum was created “Center for Adult Education”,   together with JSC  ” Gruzorgazz” was established a training center for electro-gas welding. Work for the creation of training centers is begun together with JSC “Gryznefteprodukt” and  JSC “kaspielektroabtomat”. Negotiations are lead with the group of Entrepreneurs of composition materials regarding the special purpose training center foundation.

Since February 2002 the Association together with Employers’, experts, meeting methodical recommendations of ETF and market demands, with the assistance of partner organizations  worked out and inculcated for approbation standards of professional education for the following professions:

— master of agricultural manufacture (farmer)

— builder of wide profile;

— electro- gas welder;

— master of separate building work;

— master of carpenter’s finish

— master of sanitary works;

— master of wiring;

— driver of “A”, “B”, “C”, “D” categories;

— mechanic of vehicle repair;

— turner;

— artificer;

— computer system operator;

— secretary, adviser;

— nurse;

— hairdresser;

— barman;

— waiter;

— cook;

— seller.

      Example for illustration:  Standard of Professional Education “Electro-gas welder” was worked out with the contribution of specialists of Tbilisi Aviation Factory, Tbilisi technical University, JSC “Gruzorgas” and several invited experts.

National Council of Education,   Laperanta Specialized Center of Professional Education and Welders’ Federation of Finland emerged as the partners in this work.

Partnership with Finnish side was provided by Georgian National Observatory of ETF. The standard estimation was done by European Welder Federation with the support of Finnish side, though the joint project of special center creation is suspended for the lack of funds from the Georgian side.

In compliance with the standards, the Association with the assistance of its various partners prepared and published following text-books:

— “Turner”

— “Manufacture of Building Work;

— “Rules of Road Traffic”;

— “Foundations of veterinary”;

— “Foundations of Animal Breeding”;

— “Foundations of Agriculture”;

— ” Agrimotor and vehicles”

— “Agricultural Machinery”

— “Servicing and Repair of Agricultural Techniques”;

— “Processing and Keeping of Agricultural production”

— “Modern technology of Plant Protection”

—  ”Sanitary works”.

Compendium of educational materials “Basis of Entrepreneurial activities” is prepared and neglected for approbation. On the same subjects are published following manuals:

— “Introduction to the basis of Market Economy”

— “Introduction to the basis of entrepreneurial right”

According the above mentioned educational standards and text-books are conducted sectoral trainings and seminars for teachers and instructors of public and private institutions of Professional education (about 360 persons).

With the assistance of GTZ, taking into account experience of Germany, are begun trainings of teachers and instructors of professional education in professional methodic and pedagogics.

At the first stage were prepared 54 specialists (multipliers).They conducted instructions in 30 educational institutions. Were educated:

– -53 instructors of specific discipline;

–194 masters of industrial education;

– 230 teachers of discipline of general education.

In all 678 people received methodic instructions.

With the participation of educational institutions, local communities and local administration, in 25 regions of Georgia is carried out study of new requirements in knowledge, skills and practice in agricultural sector.

According the study results, on the base of 25 educational institutions were created permanently functioning consultation points for farmers.

In 2002 by efforts of trained association instructors, on 9 problematic issues were conducted 3 days consultations for 498 farmers, and in 2003 were held one day consultations for 488 farmers on the theme of plant protection and pesticide. In 2004 in the same regions is planned to perform trainings on organization and economic issues of farming household on the basis of consultation centers.

With the assistance of Employers’ Association of Georgia in 2003 in Borjomii was conducted re-training of teachers and masters of Borgomi professional school.

Further through the instructors, local employment services and region government were held 3 month study courses of 36 unemployed people, on two building specialties with the aim of their further employment in repair works in the historical part of Borjomi.

Series of round table meetings were performed with the construction firms, engaged in building works in Tbilisi, for the identification of concrete requirement of their workers. According the meetings in 2003, education of construction specialties received 22 workers of following construction firms: “Aksis”, “Point”, “Zaktranstroi”.

In 2004, after the series of meetings, from the first of July on the base of “Center of adult Education” will be conducted short term courses for 24 people from 6 companies. In the courses will participate 4 graduates of Tbilisi children’s home and  9 unemployed people.

The construction firms took responsibility to contribute in realization of these courses: they provide practice of trained people, their selection of and employment. Preparation of contents of educational materials appraisal is implemented together with employers.

In the course of this year is planned preparation of following text-books:

“Base of Entrepreneurial activities”

“Organization and economy of a farm”

“Carpentry “

According the standards of mentioned professions and above listed manuals will be performed trainings for teachers of educational institutions.

Till the end of this year is planned short term courses on the profession of ”Sanitary technician”.

During the October – November will be held the second seminar for 54 teachers of methodic of professional education.

In the future planned activities of the Association in the following strategic areas:

— creation of ” Fund of Professional education and training development “;

— further development of school network and on their base, creation of training centers, consultation points in governmental and private sectors, taking into account region demands;

— training of teachers, instructors, consultants of training centers and consultation

points on special knowledge, specifics and methods of adult education, among them  socially vulnerable groups of population.

— keeping on working for preparation and publishing educational and methodical


— publication of periodical( 4 issues in a year)  journal (bulletin) ” Professional knowledge –for all”  with the aim of popularization of professional education and training and as a help to the providers of professional education.

— creation of permanently renewed web page: ” Professional Education in Georgia, situation , problems and perspectives of development.”

— conduct studies of labour market; determine its demands in educational services taking into account demands of regions, branches of national economy,

spheres of economic activities, also demands of separate groups of people with, specific areas of knowledge.

— perfection of organizational side of courses of professional education, trainings-retraining, seminars, consultations.

—  realization of actions for more closer cooperation with the unions of employers’ (entrepreneurs),  trade unions, social services of government in the frameworks  mentioned directions of the association activities;

— popularization of principles of training during all life, in close cooperation with press, periodicals on an example of best training centers and consultation points, functioning in different regions or at the enterprises.

For the implementation the above mentioned activities the Association was in need of practical and financial support from the side of its partner and donor organizations. vef


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