Georgian Vocational Education Foundation

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Foundation is to provide:



According to the founders and organization charters Foundation is to provide:

— promotion of the development of professional education of youth in formal and informal, governmental and private sectors  with the aim of their preparation for independent life, providing their  competitiveness in the labour market  by means  their professional education;

— interaction with the interested governmental and nongovernmental organizations purposely to meet  needs of   age-specific and socially different groups of adult population by promoting their formal and informal education with professional educational services;

— cooperation with social services and organizations of government, also with private employment agencies of Employment for the encouragement employment of different social groups of population by means of short term professional training or re-training in the frameworks of  “Fight Against Poverty Program.”

— training and re-training of  teachers/instructors of professional education, both  with contents and by  methods of professional instruction.

— together with Employers and Trade Unions conduct the  round table meetings for discussion problems and other actual issues of professional instruction  of various categories of    unemployed and employed population;

— arrangement of short term courses,  consultations, professional training and re-training  with the account of  requirements of different regions and areas of Economic activities;

— jointly with interested donor and partner organizations conduct study of labour market and  needs of educational services, work out proposals and recommendations for concrete branches and regions.

For the implementation of above mentioned objectives, with the account of requirements of different regions and spheres, in the frameworks of its competency and real opportunities, the association provides: informational and methodic support to governmental and private educational institutions, promotes development of informal sector of professional education on the basis of governmental and private instructional institutions, organizes business partnership contacts among entrepreneurs, social services and educational institution for the purpose of population employment.


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