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Georgian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Signed a Memorandum with Professional Education Foundation of Georgia

Today Georgian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI) signed a memorandum with Professional Education Foundation of Georgia. The main goal of the document signed at Holiday Inn hotel by Kakha Baindurashvili, the President of GCCI and Alexander Ejibadze, Chair of the Foundation, is to assist business development through vocational education and training (VET) in Georgia. In the frame of the agreement, special informational, methodic, tuition and training central and regional outlets will be organized throughout the country.

The main objectives of the cooperation include: defining real demand on labor resources and supplying business sector with qualified personnel accordingly.
“Professional education creates personnel that can be the core platform for businesses to depend on. Non-existence of such a flexible system is an issue for an entire private sector. If we look at an international experience, youth employment is one of the most significant parts of this direction. In February a special business trip was organized in Germany in order to share an international experience on VET development principles,” declared the President of GCCI.
According to him, the three main pillars to be implemented are as follows: description and standardization of professions, exam periods and Master’s Degree opportunity.
“One of the problems while choosing VET is that the current system does not allow youth to continue Master’s degree education and this is the issue that has to be solved,” stated Baindurashvili. “Also, another issue that has to be settled is the recognition of non-formal education. We see a lots of self-taught people employed at different jobs who regard themselves unemployed as long as they do not have a diploma. Giving their knowledge an official recognition will make these people legal players on the local labor market with more opportunities to seize.”
“The fact itself that today we’ve signed a memorandum with GCCI regarding VET development in Georgia, means that we’re entering a civilized world. Currently, we’re facing lots of challenges in terms of economic development and one of the main solutions to the subject is education of the young generation so that businesses get qualified personnel to develop successfully,” noted the Chair of the Foundation.
In his words, additional activities include: the creation of a special HR & Jobs base, launch of an ‘online shop’ for VET, internships, remote education and consultancy services. Seminars and trainings will be arranged for SMEs on Modern principles of management.


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